“Desert Hearts Is a State of Mind”: A Walk Through Memory Lane With 5 Artists Performing at the 2024 Festival

In a few short days, the expansive pine forests outside Flagstaff will come alive with the renegade spirit as house, techno and love fill the mountain air at Desert Hearts Festival.

A California original, the transformational camping festival will make its Arizona debut July 4-8 and will bring with it a unique layout featuring themed camps, art cars and installations, and live painters.

Desert Hearts.

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At the center of these amenities will be the festival’s one and only mainstage. As part of the crew’s distinct “one-stage, one-vibe” format, it will be brimming with talent across the electronic music spectrum with non-stop programming throughout the weekend.

This unmistakable ethos carries not only through the attendees of the rambunctious festival, but also its artists performing at the campground. We asked a few of these tastemakers to share their favorite Desert Hearts memories. From sunrise sets to lakeside revelations, read on to discover some special Desert Hearts moments.

Mary Droppinz

“Every second at Desert Hearts is my favorite memory. I love being in the vibe, there is no festival like it! Going even beyond the festival, it’s really been an amazing experience for me to continue to hang out with my brothers at different parties/festivals where they have a DH showcase; it’s epic to witness them create the exact same feel that you get when you’re actually at the festival like in the middle of friendship cruise on a boat for example. I’ve had the pleasure to connect with them along the road as we all tour at different events and it means a lot to have my family there for me and showing up for me in other spaces as well outside of the festival. Desert Hearts is a state of mind to me really and I rep the merch every day for a reason, no cap.

Mary Droppinz.

c/o Press


“My favorite memory from Desert Hearts is the first time I got to perform there. It was 2019 and I played a sunrise set. There was a moment when I played a remix of Jamie xx “Gosh” and looked out to the dancefloor and could see all my close friends right at the front. To be performing at one of my favorite festivals, playing one of my favorite songs, surrounded by my friends — it was one of the best feelings ever.”


Michael Drummond

Kevin Knapp

My favorite memory of Desert Hearts is playing after Mikey opening the night stage, after he’d just unleashed ridiculous vibes on the beach stage. I walked to the stage with Chocolate Sushi, Techno Tupac, and a few others and I just felt really centered and held by my brothers as we approached the stage. My partner had chosen to wear a shirt that night that said “I’m Fat Let’s Party” which I thought was an absolute riot and everything our label Plump Records represents. I still to this day think it was one of the best sets I’ve ever played and the piece de resistance is at one point I turned around and Hutch had decided a shirt was no longer necessary, altogether. That was also the night I saw Lee dance more brilliantly than I’d ever seen. 100% flames.”

Kevin Knapp.

c/o Press

Tara Brooks

“It’s hard to believe I’ve been playing for Desert Hearts since 2012! With so many special and priceless memories, my set at Lake Perris in 2022 – which happened right after COVID – was out of this world. Everything was perfect and when I looked around, my heart dropped as I saw so many friends, family, and fans filled with joy and happiness since we were finally back together. I’d been heavily experimenting and exploring new and old genres, and the whole set felt like a beautiful and psychedelic journey, and everyone was on the same wavelength. The high and love I felt from the power of this community, with wide open minds and hearts blew me away and I’m forever grateful for that moment.”

Tara Brooks.

c/o Press

Öona Dahl

“Although I have done some of their one-offs and even DH live streams this will be the first time I will be at the festival since my debut with them in 2017. Still to this day I remember the sun hitting my face through the valley during my sunrise set (which you can hear on my SoundCloud). There was pure bliss in the air from everyone that morning and it will always hold a place in my heart.”

Öona Dahl performing at Desert Hearts.

c/o Press

Desert Hearts Festival is set to take place July 4-8 at Playa Ponderosa outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. For tickets, camping and other information, navigate here.


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